is a new initiative taken by a group of Web 2.0 enthusiasts, dedicated to providing the best services to the online community and taking active part in Internet communities and open-source software development. This is a project which allows everyone to start his/her portal based on the best open-source software products available: PhpBB, Mediawiki, Wordpress and Gallery.

We offer unique portal hosting solution - no size limits, no post or topic number limits, no banners or pop-up windows, instant forum activation - absolutely FREE for you here and now! forum solution uses the most popular open-source engine - PhpBB. Since we always keep an eye on new PhpBB releases, it is possible for our users to get the most out of the new features available and make our users` voice heard in regard to the features most wanted by them.

Our team is always open for partnership suggestions and service improvement requests because we value our users and their opinion.

Please, feel free to contact us or just leave us a note or comment using our contact form.

Yours sincerely, Project Team