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1. | Jul 22, 2014
...Bang bang, he shot me downBang bang, I hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, my baby shot me down.I know this is not the place for karoake, but when I saw those shoes and someone here mentioned Cher, I just couldn't resist..
2. | Jul 21, 2014
SECRET。 美得不行的配乐呢。地下六英尺, 神在笑。谁不瞑目。有人在寻找, 眼神惶急声线脆弱。秘密还在不在。在不在在不在。在不在在不在。got a secret can you keep it swear this one you will saeathvt lock it in your pocket take this one in your grave。
3. | Jul 8, 2014
...Bang bang, he shot me downBang bang, I hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, my baby shot me down.I know this is not the place for kakroae, but when I saw those shoes and someone here mentioned Cher, I just couldn't resist..
4. | Jun 29, 2014
I'd be interested but I have dgeeres in law and accounting and practiced law for many years and am not sure I have the requisite background for game theory. Game theory and the like were not part of our repetoire when I was in school, at least it was a specialized field then, and I thought of teaching for Kaplan for the LSAT since I scored well above the 90th percentile on the LSAT. But in examining the LSAT I noticed that they have added game theory replacing analogies or at least there were few analogies on the test and a large amount of game theory. Those thinking of entering the law field should be aware of this and this course might be an excellent way to make sure that one does well on the LSAT. I excelled at analogies which were a substantial part of the LSAT in 1978 when I took it. But I would like to learn how to do game theory and its companion fields of study but I was not taught the basics of game theory when I was in school 25 or 30 years ago. I hope perhaps you can have both a beginners course for us old timers and a more advanced course for those who have been taught game theory in anticipation of the tests given on the LSAT and I presume that game theory is on the SAT as well. But I was taken aback at the changes in the LSAT and declined to teach the course since I didn't think I could master the material quickly enough to teach it. Kaplan was pushing me to learn game theory in two weeks which was an impossible task but they needed a teacher and they needed one then. But I wasn't about to make them or me look bad so I didn't teach for them.I hope you could teach a very basic course or direct some of us to another site where we might prepare to take your course here. I think my generation was shortchanged in that area and what you wrote about doctors not being able to figure probabilities of cancer out just shows how I am not the only one of my generation to have not gained an understanding of game theory. I'm glad to see the students of today learning material that we didn't have or wasn't a prerequisite for a degree or advancement in high school and college. I am excellent at analogies though and never took a philosophy course and would love to have a teach in on your site for that. As you know I find you site fascinating - I read the whole thing in two days starting from the first post in 1997 when Jerome Doolittle at Bad Attitudes posted something that linked to your website. But I am ignorant in the fields you taught but you are such an excellent writer that I am able to read your material and when there is something I don't understand I skip over it. But learning the material would be fun. I do have that child like curiosity for new knowledge but I learned recently that I am ADHD which explains my C average in college. But I did so well on the LSAT that they let me in law school - the schools do love to have a high average LSAT score so I suspect that helped me overcome my ADHD and I did well enough in law school and practiced law successfully for a number of years thanks to excellent assistants who kept me organized. Wall Street took my money though and I need to go back into the job market and I want to learn new things. I am finding that ADHD is suddenly a hindrance in accomplishing things although when I was younger I could compensate and get by. The medications don't help me because I then tend to hyperfocus. Which is great for studying but not multitasking. But we did have amphetimines on campus in the 70s but they were hard to get. But when I got one I always scored the highest grade in the class. I remember doing that once and then for the next test I couldn't obtain one of those green pills and scored a 40. When one is given a gift like ADHD (great for creativity) then often something else is taken away. And as I've aged I notice it more and more.
5. | Jan 2, 2014
contdOf course the death peltnay deters. A review of the debate.Dudley Sharp 1) Anti death peltnay folks say that the burden of proof is on those who say that the death peltnay deters. Untrue. It is a rational truism that all potential negative outcomes deter some - there is no exception. It is the burden of death peltnay opponents to prove that the death peltnay, the most severe of criminal sanctions, is the only prospect of a negative outcome that deters none. They cannot. 2) There have been 28 recent studies finding for death peltnay deterrence. A few of those have been criticized. The criticism has, itself been rebutted and/or the criticism doesn't negate no. 1 or nos. 3-10. 3) No deterrence study finds that the death peltnay deters none. They cannot. Anti death peltnay columnists Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune states, "No one argues that the death peltnay deters none." Yes, some do, But Zorn is correct, the issue is not "Does the death peltnay deter?". It does. The only issue is to what degree. 4) About 99% of those murderers who are subject to the death peltnay do everything they can to receive a lesser sentence, in pre trial, plea bargains, trial, in appeals and in clemency/commutation proceedings. Life is preferred over death. Death is feared more than life. No surprise. Would a more rational group, those who choose not to murder, also share in that overwhelming fear of death and be deterred by the prospects of execution? Of course. 5) There are a number of known cases of individual deterrence, those potential murderers who have stated that they were prevented from committing murder because of their fear of the death peltnay. Individual deterrence exists. 6) General deterrence exists because individual deterrence cannot exist without it. 7) Even the dean of anti death peltnay academics, Hugo Adam Bedau, agrees that the death peltnay deters .. . but he doesn't believe it deters more than a life sentence. Nos. 4-6 and 10 provide anecdotal and rational evidence that the death peltnay is a greater deterrent than a life sentence. In addition, the 28 studies finding for deterrence, find that the death peltnay is an enhanced deterrent over a life sentence. 8) All criminal sanctions deter. If you doubt that, what do you think would happen if we ended all criminal sanctions? No rational person has any doubt. Some would have us, irrationally, believe that the most severe sanction, execution, is the only sanction which doesn't deter. 9) If we execute and there is no deterrence, we have justly punished a murderer and have prevented that murderer from ever harming/murdering, again. If we execute and there is deterrence, we have those benefits, plus we have spared more innocent lives. If we don't execute and there is deterrence, we have spared murderers at the cost of more innocent deaths. 10) Overwhelmingly, people prefer life over death and fear death more than life. "If we execute murderers and there is in fact no deterrent effect, we have killed a bunch of murderers. If we fail to execute murderers, and doing so would in fact have deterred other murders, we have allowed the killing of a bunch of innocent victims. I would much rather risk the former. This, to me, is not a tough call." John McAdams - Marquette University/Department of Political Science
6. | Jan 2, 2014
etot kurginyan soaldt rothschildov! ego tozhe raskrutshiwaut w Rossii dlja psewdosozialisma po trotskomu (nowi tolpolitarism) i raswala Rossii (revoluzia kak eto uzhe bilo) Info pro kurginyana na KPE.  ru !!!Dmitri Slawoljubov ..wash bibleiski projekt w rasnowidnoi forme skoro prowaliza i washa psewdowlast (kapitalism, pwsewdosozialism gde toka elita rulit a ne narod..) isbrannix balnix skoro bolshe nebudet