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1. | Dec 9, 2013
An answer from an expert! Thanks for coitbnruting.
2. | Dec 7, 2013
Hi thereTook my ICND2 today and scored 917. I Used CBTnuggets Wendel Odem exam guide 2nd ed. Then this wenkeed spent time with p4s 2.77It works. Thanks. But here is a tip for real life people Do the work first with Your Videos and Books then finish it off with p4s.Thanks againRegardsCisco
3. | Dec 5, 2013
Very nice piece. I had almost the exact erxipeence with the Parole Board earlier this year. Had what I thought was the perfect candidate, but the Board thought otherwise. Hang in there .. Remember: It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. -Edmund Hillary
4. | Dec 5, 2013
I don't think there's a problem postnig this:[21:34:30] fotc It's a story of an unfortunate ambiguity in a particular structure used in Japanese.[21:34:50] fotc Amari means an overabundance or having too much. [21:35:15] fotc As a result, a common Japanese phrase is amari omoshirkunai, or kind of boring. [21:35:40] fotc This phrase takes amari followed by the negative form of the adjective, omoshiroi. [21:36:13] fotc (The structure in general is amari (something)kunai , and it means pretty (something). )[21:36:24] fotc Sorry.[21:36:34] fotc Pretty not (something). [21:36:57] fotc Over time, the common phrase overwhelmed the actual usage of the word.[21:37:35] fotc As a result, most people came to think amari itself can mean not (something). [21:38:11] fotc Meanwhile, the actual usage and translation becomes the one in the subs.[21:38:36] fotc This is confirmed by the unambiguous expansion in the novel[21:38:58] fotc Balloon Vine actually thinks that they are too interesting.
5. | Dec 2, 2013
Hey, Adam, don't you think the freshwater arngels of SJ would be better served by the State eliminating the trout stocking and focusing instead on enhancing the habitat and numbers of those species more natural to the region, like bass, crappie, and pickeral? Trout (and trout stamps) don't fit in slow-moving, warmer blackwater, except that the State can make a few extra bucks by convincing spring and fall Saturday arngels that they're really fishing with fly-rods and nymphs in the fast moving streamwaters of upstate New York.