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1. | Feb 15, 2018
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4. | Jan 8, 2018
5. | Jan 7, 2014
haha this video was awesome. im gonna go check out your other ones. when i go to stkucrbas, i'm a good customer. but i just never know how to tell the guy what i want. the titles of the drinks are so long i usually say it in this order: tall blended frappuccino [insert pause] coffee mocha, no whipped creamand the guy just responds.. so a mocha? i dont know anymore+1Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike
6. | Jan 5, 2014
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7. | Sep 19, 2013
Depends on the receiver. Basic reapir for antennas typically is cracking the case and soldering on a new to the same length as the old. However, if your antenna is not directly soldered on or is a coax then installation is a little harder.
8. | Sep 19, 2013
something that he did not like about a truck that he likes.One guy likes the savage line and he sees a negaitve savage review and he goes Bat S over a truck that he lijkes.Someone says something bad about a forum that another person likes so they go Bat S over that.There is nothing good gained from putting bad out. It mixes emotions with people. Ill post the good.
9. | Sep 17, 2013
Which one of our pubs? The currently hold a reualgr quiz night, some of our other pubs hold them irreualgrly. Your best bet is to contact the pub direct. See .
10. | Aug 13, 2013
Many many realtors would like what you have but with PITI. Principal, Interest, Taxes, & Insurance. That would give us the total mohlnty payments which is much more valuable than just the PI, principal & Interest calculator.It should be easy to add on.1. Tax Rate with a Drop Down List from O.1 to 4.0 in .1 increments 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, etc.2. Insurance Yearly Cost, then you divide by 12.
11. | Aug 10, 2013
people spent themselves out in Nov and Dec 2011, low AE sales then too. Tapped out and ciedrt cards maxxed out, taxes due and holiday malaise sets in. Big buying spurt in January when prices were low $30's an oz. not out of the ordinary for february to tail off. Add Jan and Feb together and they would make a good two month salesconsumer sentiment dropped like the proverbial rock in Jan and Feb. No mas dinero in the average buyers pockets at the present time. Gas prices going to $4 and $5 a gallon and inflation eating the paycheck. Unemployment benefits terminated for some. This takes hundreds of billions of FIAT out of the AE sales. While Feb is not over yet it could hit 2,000,000 sales. They may or may not pick up after April stack up which the prices are still under $40
12. | Aug 3, 2013
At last some rainoialtty in our little debate.
13. | Jul 23, 2012
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14. | Jul 21, 2012
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15. | Jul 20, 2012
X0XNAKEDSNAKEX0X:@seantico amigo yo tengo usando uno en color negro y rojo ,aparte de que se ve muy bien ,me ha saidlo muy bueno tanto en funcionalidad asi como en lo que busca uno en un cel. suena muy resio los videos y fotos e imagenesmuy claros y lo mejor la radio no necesita de que le conectes el manos libres es muy recomendable saludos a peru desde mexico