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1. | Apr 22, 2014
Dear Acharya SahebI belong to Gandhidham & liked your aritlce very much. Per capita income may be higher in this city but there is no life. The city is not worth living. You may find super luxury Cars but there are no quality roads. Along with KPT, The Municipality is also full of corruption & infighting. There is no development in real sence. Peaple earn money thats it.
2. | Sep 26, 2013
Direct actions are the main sotiluon. Now make Public cell and catch the matters just before it get the shape of crime. I am Rajendra Goswami ..Social Worker for National Security reasons and doing direct actions on the matters. I am using all our Powers as Preventive departments as SIB,DRI,CBI,IB and all . according to my knowledge I am catching the things and stooping them with the help of all theses departments.Public shell have to make cell every where according to knowledge and make actions is the remain way to control the things at large scale.. Gone is gone be ready for to stop New more.....Jai Hind
3. | Sep 24, 2013
omething else During 1980 to 1990, the stateattained dougiediblt growth rate in four years while itexperienced double digit growth rate in six years in subsequent decade. Gujarat experienced fasterpace of growth during 1980s when MadhavsinhSolanki and then Amarsinh Choudhary, both ofCongress, led the state government. In this period,the state had highest growth rate for its SDP. Thestate experienced the highest annual economic growth rate of 19.5 per cent during the six yearperiod of 1988-94. Since then this much of highrate is never attained. This period includes thereign of later years of Amarsinh Choudhary andinitial years of Chimanbhai Patel. As against this, thehighest rate of growth during the Narendra Modi era was only 14.77 per cent in 2003-04. Duringfive decades of its existence, the state of Gujarathad experienced 20 per cent or moregrowth rate only during six years. It had crossedmarvelous 40 per cent in 1988-89 and it was morethan 30 per cent in 1992-93 when Amarsinh Choudhary and Chimanbhai Patel ruled the staterespectively. However, there is not a single yearwhen the growth rate is more than twenty percent since 1993-94. In fact, it reached up to 19.33%in 1996-97. Barring it, the the SDP growth rate hasnever been more than 15 per cent during 1992-93 to 2008-09. In other words, the Narendra Modi erahas never reached the high growth rate of SDP thatwas achieved earlier.
4. | Sep 23, 2013
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5. | Jun 10, 2013
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6. | Jun 9, 2013
"...because according to my Blogger Dashboard, the same mnoaretidg/captcha requirements should be in place on all my blogs."I just commented at SBP and while I had to log into my Google account and received the Your comment will be visible after approval. message, I didn't have to translate weird code-words.Ooohhmm. Sending out SPAM-blocking karma.Ooohhmm.