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5. | Dec 16, 2013
Hi everybody,Hadn't lokoed at the website for quite awhile so decided to check it out today.Good work!Makes me very, very happy and proud to see the Fox continuing to be extremely well cared for a flourishing.Continued good luck!Next time back home will drop in and say hello.Mike Penner
6. | Dec 16, 2013
Liz, I am a former corwoker of Sara Fransen. She has spoken of you often .She has great admiration for you and your ability to face up to anything this world throws at you. I would like to tell you I'll be praying for you on Monday morning. I have very positive feelings everything will work out for you and your family. Your in my prayers,Benadene
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8. | Dec 14, 2013
승기, 너무 귀엽지 않아요?? ㅎㅎ작년에 한국에 있을 때 즐겨보던 TV 프로 중에 하나에요. 1박 2일!!다음 주에 같이 이 노래 불러 볼까요??No es chulo SeungKi?? jeje..El af1o pasado, cudano estuve en Corea ese programa es uno de mis favoritos de tele. 1bak 2il..!!Que9 les parece que cantemos esa cancif3n el se1bado que viene??
9. | Dec 13, 2013
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10. | Dec 13, 2013
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