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User Comments:
1. | Jul 21, 2014
Cool! That's a clever way of lonoikg at it!
2. | Jul 4, 2014
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3. | Aug 9, 2013
Your posting is ablltuseoy on the point!
4. | Jul 28, 2013
I want to start with the statement that I am bieasd based on my current career path, but I am wary of stereotyping consultants. I have seen consultants that were used as a tool of management to tell the company that the boss is right, however, in my current position, I see a big problem coming from the lack of management and staff to support the changes that consultants are trying to lead (lead, not force). It often seems almost like sabotage along the thought lines of if they (consultants) can make the process better in a short time, and I couldn't in 10 years, they're going to make me look bad. Consultants, just like any software package, new machine, or process, should be installed with a specific focus in mind before they are ever used/hired. With that specific focus it will make the results much easier to evaluate, did the new purchase meet the desired result? if not, PDCA again.
5. | Jul 25, 2013
Now is he worst time to buy a T Mobile phone since they are merging with att and att has tetesd that they will not allow Tm phones to be unlocked on to their network. So if you buy a phone then they will hold you hostage to a contract and you will have to pay much more for less at att or pay them an early termination fees. As of Sept 15 , Radio Shack has tetesd that they will no longer carry T Mobile phones due to the fraud of the TM employees so there will be no exchanges. If you must have a TM phone then the best way to tied you over is may by Ebay or craig's list. I hope that this helps ,I try to head off problems for you that other have encountered.