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1. | Jun 30, 2014
Awesome stuff, Your work is very inspirational. Many of the dgeiensrs I look up to inspire me to work harder and become better at what I do. I'm currently going to school for digital art and design, but more about me on my website as well as my work, I'd appreciate it if you could take a visit when you have the time, speaking of which thanks for reading this as well. Look for more comments from me to come :)
2. | Jan 29, 2014
I would love to hear weekly audio casts on subjtces such as:-Incident Response-Forensics-NSMI would not like to listen to audio/webcasts that are sponsored by vendors (SANS webcasts). I am only interested in learning something, not buying something. However, I welcome hearing reports of successes/failures of various products. Hope that makes sense.
3. | Jan 29, 2014
At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prbeolm!
4. | Aug 11, 2013
" not have bad press, and to look good ,, BUT if that doesnt haeppn all bets are off why would they care after that ,, we wont have any more pull after that. If the 18 million is not in by dec 31 2007 it will then cost UPS 60 million to make up the different because of loss interest the hole plan will loss and with the new pension laws they cant put large sums off money at one time has to be over time . [b][/b] so lets see the international passes (most likely) our supplement doesnt .. UPS gets bad press ,,we go back to the table and ask for what ??? our pension has nothing to do with our supplement.. they take the money off the table ,, and now we have to rely on Hoffa and our Exec board to get something better are u kidding me( for the record im not friends with Howie only have said hello and goodbye to the man) then they have us vote we say NO back to the table we vote again we vote NO again THIS time the international can step in and pass our supplement if they feel its fair (like Hoffa really cares about us )and our pension stays the same 2520 not 3600 but at least the new guys get 25 and out and they get coffee wait one last hope if 50% of our members dont vote the first time around the international can step in and pass it anyway Brown Clown i know you care and want whats best for our local and i hope we get it.. But the truth is we dont know what will haeppn if our supplement doesnt pass I feel the will hang us out the dry Howie retires with his 2 pensions and we are left with nothing Thats why i feel Howie knows we are lucky to get our pension back and make it stronger. UNLESS THE INTERNATIONAL IS VOTES DOWN good luck ..
5. | Aug 9, 2013
Now I feel stidpu. That's cleared it up for me
6. | Jul 30, 2013
Stay invtemaoifr, San Diego, yeah boy!
7. | Jul 7, 2013
reach, have a look from this historical Brahmpol brgide and feel this scenically (smelling) beauty.Jalkumbhi are enemies of water, and water is source of our life, more because not only life but economy of
8. | Jul 5, 2013
You make thigns so clear. Thanks for taking the time!
9. | May 18, 2013
This could not possibly have been more hlepufl!