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Bess Massingham Being Erin's Grandma this was the bestest and neatest wedding I ever attended. The bride was gorgeous..( I may be prejudest) and love my new Grandson! Thankyou for all the unforgetable pictures.
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RAM stands for Recent Access Memory, it is the auonmt of data your computer is able to run at one time with decent efficiency. Therefore if a video game requires 2 gigs of RAM and your computer has, like my laptop, 2.2 gigs of RAM than you will be able to run it but it may lag some or be slow. Having a good video or graphics card is also important as they can reduce how much RAM is required for higher graphics. If you had to graphics cards and one was newer and better, your current one may run the game with minor lag or speed reduction but if you had the new graphics card it can access and run those graphics easier allowing you to run them more efficiently. Make sure also that you defrag the computer every so often as well, all that fragmented data can hurt a computers run ability a lot. But yes RAM does help gaming.